Monday, 18 November 2013

Violet Box October 2013


  • 1x Bodyography Every Finish Powder (Full Size)
  • 2x APIVITA Face Mask (Sample)
  • 1x Savoir Faire Lipgloss (Full Size)
  • 1x John Plunkett Cosmeceuticals Super Wrinkle Cream (Sample)
  • 1x Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow (Full Size)




 I was super excited to open up this month's Violet Box to three full size makeup products and was especially excited about the Bodyography powder. However, my excitement was short lived as when I opened up the box, powder spilled out everywhere.

I contacted Violetbox via their support team on October 30 (the day I received it) and they advised that they would send out a replacement to me on November 4th. Up until now I still haven't received a replacement, hence why this blog post is so late because I was waiting on them to send a new one before doing this review. 

This is a point where I have to say that Her Fashion Box are far more superior in their Customer Service skills. I find that Her Fashion Box respond to you immediately and send items out to you via Express Mail if you should have a problem with one of the products in your box or if an item is missing. I feel that waiting almost two weeks for a replacement is a little ridiculous.....

 The product itself isn't too bad, pigmented enough but doesn't apply too heavily, but I'd be careful of where you apply this as it is super orange. I'd most likely only use this as a highlight and very minimally. Also, since this did not travel in the post well, I wouldn't chuck this in my hand bag as I could imagine this breaking and spilling everywhere.

I don't think I would ever buy this product as I can get nicer highlight colours for much less than the $59.95 price tag and the fact that it broke so easily is something else to consider. I had such high hopes for this brand so to say that I was disappointed is an understatement.

If you received this from Violetbox in your subscription box I'd love to know your thoughts on the product and the brand itself.




This is the type of face mask I prefer, good old creamy masks that you lather on your face and wash off.

APIVITA is a Greek cult brand of face masks based on ingredients found in a Mediterranean diet. The sample I received was an 'instant lifting' mask with red wine and seaweed extract.

While I couldn't tell much of a difference in my skin appearance I did feel that I was still pampering myself and it felt nice on my skin.

Still, this sample size was not enough to sway me to buy this product again but it's definitely one of the better ones I have received in a sample box thus far.



Macro shot
The Savoir Faire lipgloss comes in five different shades with a signature scent and flavour for each shade. I received the clear one in Dazzling which has a vanilla scent/flavour.

Upon opening the gloss the smell isn't too overpowering BUT when you apply it you can taste the super sweet vanilla immediately which automatically makes me not like this product as it's just too sweet.

The gloss doesn't appear as shimmery on the lips as it does in the bottle, which was quite disappointing and wasn't worthy of a picture as it looked like I just licked my lips and had slobber all over my mouth.

 For something made in China (listed as Made in PRC), I feel that a $25.00RRP price point is over the top and unwarranted. Combine the fact that this gloss is super sweet and not thick enough, this is definitely one item that I can go without.

Certainly, there are products that are Made in China that are quality items but their pricing point reflects that, for example NYX and Sleek to name a few, and I just feel for $25.00 for this gloss is just too expensive for what you get.








This Super Wrinkle Cream is incompatible with my skin type. I found it was a little too rich for my liking so this definitely wasn't a winner for me. Even though it wasn't good for my face I found it really nice for my legs as they were super dry from being out in the sun. Needless to say, I won't be repurchasing this once I run out.




 Be A Bombshell was started in 2011 by a woman named Tonya Thompson and has garnered 'cult' status with lots of people raving about their products on various forums so it's no surprise that the brand has made its way to Australia.  They stock a full range of cosmetics to do your whole face and also have a beauty club where one of their consultants will create a monthly look based on your profile and will recommend products for you to purchase at special prices.

On first inspection, the packaging of the product is quite nice and looks professional (although I'm really not a fan of their logo and text) and has a similar feel to MAC eyeshadow packaging. Despite the Bodyography powder arriving smashed to pieces, this eyeshadow was still intact which is great as I hate it when you spend money on products and they don't hold well with travel.

Macro shot: Money Money
 The colour I received was Money Money which is a smokey green shimmer eyeshadow with specks of gold throughout. This is a colour that I would DEFINITELY wear especially once I start getting darker in the summer as this shade looks amazing against tanned skin.

On application this shadow is quite pigmented and silky smooth. The eyeshadow also blends really easily and has great longevity but I find the colour holds/appears better with a primer.

This eyeshadow actually exceeded my expectations and I actually really like the product, however, I don't think that I would buy from them as I currently use Inglot Cosmetics Freedom System which has a collection of over 200 colours in various finishes for only $10AUD per eyeshadow pan and that's something that just can't be beat where as Be A Bombshell only has 22 colours available, not to mention that their product price point for something made in China is too high. I'd much rather buy an eyeshadow from NYX/Sleek that is much cheaper and has the same amount of pigmentation in their product.

The other thing I wanted to address was something I came across on the Be A Bombshell About Us section on their website:

"I realized that I could use the same manufacturers that produce high end cosmetics with the same quality and pass fabulous products on to you at a lower cost!" - Tonya Thompson (Founder)

I'd LOVE to know which high end brands manufacture and produce their cosmetics in China. I feel that this is just PR spin to make their cosmetics seem more high end than they really are.

Overall this month's Violet Box was good but I really felt let down by their customer service skills and am really quite disappointed with them. I've seen a preview of December's box (although we haven't received November's box yet) so here's hoping they have better and exciting brands to come!

Preview of what's to arrive in the December Violet Box as posted on their Facebook page.

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