Sunday, 15 December 2013

Scratch Subscription Box - Nov 2013

November 2013 Box
 The Scratch box is a monthly subscription box for nail art lovers. Each month you will receive three (3) nail wrap sets, tools and accents and a suprise gift. Also in your first subscription box you also recieve a free Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

There is a different theme each month and what I like about this subscription box is that before they charge you each month they send you an email with a preview of what is in the box and they give you the option of opting out of the next month if it's not to your liking (WIN - all subscription boxes should offer this).

This month's nail wrap designs were created by three bloggers and each design was inspired by the purple Pose icon. If you get stuck on ideas for the nail wraps, Scratch also provide you with a link to some tutorials to help you get started.

 Here are the tools and nail art accents that were included this month:


 The two gifts this month Seche Vite (for first sign up) and a black tote which should've been purple as listed on the card so I'm not sure what happened there.


 This design is my favourite out of all three. The base of these nail wraps is clear and it makes them really unique so you can wear them on top of different nail colours so it then becomes a tailored manicure.

Here's what I came up with using the Eclectic Boulevard nail wraps.



 This is the my least favourite of the three designs in this month's box. I'll probably never use these as they're not really to my liking but you never know.



Patchwork Wonderland reminds me of a Mondrian art piece and I totally LOVE it! This will definitely get used next! 




Each packet contains two copies of the design which was really good for me because I stuffed up a couple of times when applying them. The one thing that I do hope they change is the shape at the bottom of the wrap as my nails aren't that curvy at the base of the nail so I had to stretch it out a little bit.

Overall this is one of my FAVOURITE subscription boxes to date, especially as you can skip the month if the nail wraps aren't to your liking.

Your first Scratch box is charged at $25.00USD and then each following month it is $30.00USD. They also ship internationally for a further $8.00USD which is a bonus for all of us in Australia who always seem to miss out on all the good subscription boxes available in the US. Now if only Birchbox, Ipsy, Boxycharm and the like would follow suit I would be SOOOOOOOO happy!

The Scratch box is definitely one of my favourites and I would highly recommend them! I didn't order the December box so there won't be another review of the box until next year.

If you sub to Scratch, I'd love to see what designs you guys came up by linking it below in the comment section. x

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