Monday, 4 November 2013

Her Fashion Box October 2013

  • 1x Great Southern Land Necklace 
  • 1x The Eternal Ring
  • 1x Trail Blazer Ring
  • 2x Revitanail Triple Strength in Graphite & Marshmallow
  • 1x Skin Bright Tea with Benefits (sample)
  • 1x Tea Strainer (free gift)
  • 1x Lonvitalite Collagen Crystal Eye Mask 
  • 1x Ulta3 Lipstick
In the October box we also received two vouchers. One was for a website that I had never heard of but the jewellery looks AMAZING! If only I had more money - lol! Click here to visit their site and drool over all the jewellery.

This one is my favourite! <3

 The other voucher we received was for Hello Fresh. I had heard about them only a week ago when a friend of mine had placed an order with them and talked about it on facebook. I had a look at the website and it seems like a really good idea.

At Hello Fresh you can choose a three meal box, five meal box, vegetarian box or fruit box. They create a weekly menu so that you don't have to think about what's for dinner as each meal box comes with a recipe and all ingredients to recreate them. I'm really looking forward to placing my first order at Hello Fresh once they have items on the menu that I think that both my husband and I would like to eat. Will update you on once I place an order.



 This necklace is nicely made and for once I actually didn't notice any defects in it, unlike most pieces I have received in former boxes (like the rusted one in July). I'll definitely be wearing this piece this spring/summer.



 This cute little ring is SOOOOOO tiny I thought that it was a toe ring but alas it is a normal ring which only made me have more of a complex about my man hands.

The design of this ring is cute and also quite fitting for me as I have JUST started watching Revenge (which heavily features the infinity symbol) so it makes me like it that much more. I'll just have to use it as a stacked ring feature or a toe ring for the upcoming summer months as it DEFINITELY does not fit my fingers.



 This ring goes perfectly with the Great Southern Land necklace and also features an expandable band so that made me happy so I can actually wear it. The stone is fake but it's nice enough for a costume piece.



I was expecting BIG things from these nail polishes as I had heard a lot of great things about Revitanail and I also absolutely LOVED their Conditioning  Remover Wipes that were included in the June box. 

The point of difference for these polishes is that it contains Bamboo to assist in preventing weak, splitting and peeling nails; Keratin Peptide which is clinically proven to strengthen, protect and hydrate your nails by repairing the nail plate; Calcium to strengthen weak nails as well as promoting growth. 

Graphite is a dark grey polish that in the bottle looks more taupe than grey. I applied two coats as per my usual routine and noted that it was very pigmented and dried smooth. The polish longevity was quite good and had minimal chipping by the time I changed my nails (almost one week later).

Marshmallow is a pale pink polish with an opaque finish. I had applied two coats (although I feel like I should have only applied one coat) and the end result was not a good one. This polish didn't dry nicely at all and it looked uneven and really brought out the ridges in my nail beds. As with Graphite, longevity was quite good with minimal chipping but this colour is definitely a MISS for me as I can't stand polishes that bring out uneven finishes.  However, if you were to use this in a french manicure or over the top of acrylics Marshmallow could look quite nice.

As I already have strong nails I cannot comment on whether or not these polishes actually help with strengthening them and therefore can only comment on the colour and finish.

Revitanail currently only have five shades to choose from, and as a consumer, there is not enough of a colour range to entice me to buy these again. I was really unimpressed with the Marshmallow shade in particular due to how it dried.

I think these would be worth a look at if you needed something to help with building nail strength as I have heard that Revitanail is one of the best strength builders but this is definitely not a range for me unless they released more enticing colours.




When I opened this packet and took a smell I was immediately put off and didn't even want to try it. Now don't get me wrong, I love tea! I especially love Arctic Fire from Adore Tea but the smell just wasn't that pleasant and smell is a big thing for me as I'm a fan of fruitier, sweeter black teas. Despite the smell I still gave it a try.

The tea didn't taste as bad as I thought it would just by smell alone. It definitely has a strong cardamom flavour to it which reminds me of Indian Chai tea that I had while I was visiting my husband's extended family in Canada, all that is missing is the condensed milk and this tea would taste like a weakened version of it.

The tea was okay but I don't think it's something I'll add to my daily life. It's the strength of the cardamom that really makes me not want to drink this. I didn't drink it long enough to find out whether it would help with brightening my skin or with my sleeping. However, I really like the free tea strainer which I know will definitely get more use but more so with my Adore Tea collection.


(6 MASKS FOR $24.00RRP)

I don't really have dark circles under my eyes at this stage so I didn't see any difference after using this eye mask. Once again only one sample was supplied so not enough to see a long term effect. I certainly felt like I was pampering myself while using this but I wasn't convinced enough to buy these.



When I read the Her Fashion Magazine that came with the box I was excited to see that a matte lipstick was included this month as all lipsticks that I have gotten in every box so far was a glossy one (and by the way always in some shade of red, what's up with that?). Upon opening it and using it I was laughing to myself thinking, there is no way in HELL that this is matte and if this is Ulta3's version of matte they need some correcting! lol

After some researching I found the names of their 10 matte shades and discovered that the lipstick included in my box was definitely NOT a matte one which was good cos I was starting to think that I was losing the plot. I also found out that Ulta3 are also a part of the Heat Group which also look after Covergirl, Bourjois and Max Factor to name a few.

The ten matte lipsticks are:
  • Warm Pink 
  • Orange Crush
  • Misty Mauve
  • Sandalwood
  • Pink Pout
  • Brown Sugar
  • Plum Velvet
  • Rose Bloom
  • Hot Pink Kisses
  • Deep Red Rose

 Sahara Rose is what I would describe as a spiced pink/brown colour with quite a bit of shimmer. I found that the colour did not distribute evenly but it felt quite moist and comfortable to wear.

At $3.95 each I cannot expect much from this lipstick but it's definitely worth another look at if you're strapped for cash and want to add a certain lip colour to your collection or for a special event. Just be prepared to reapply constantly. I really wish I had received a matte lipstick to try as I may have held a different opinion.

Overall I think this month's box was more than worth it due to the vouchers that were included and due to the fact that I will ACTUALLY use the Hello Fresh voucher (wish I could say the same for the Style Rocks one but I ain't loaded). Her Fashion Box, you've done it again! I'm really happy with your service!

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