Thursday, 24 October 2013

Violet Box September

 Okay. I'm not going to sugar coat this review. This, by far, is THE WORST box I have received so far. REALLY. I'm not over exaggerating either.

I'll start with the good things for this month's box.


NS-5 CUTICLE & NAIL COMPLEX ($9.95) - Full size

 This cuticle cream feels luxurious and is quite emollient. However, as I already have good cuticles I can't comment on whether it does repair the skin. It has no overpowering fragrance and is in an easy to use tube. NS-5 Cuticle gets a tick in my book but I won't be buying this once it runs out (if it ever does) as I don't really need it in my manicure routine.


SINFUL NAIL POLISH ($4.95) - Full Size

 I've seen this nail polish range at my local Priceline and Target over the past couple of months and have always been intrigued to try it but as I have quite an extensive range of polishes I hadn't bothered to buy any as they didn't have anything that was unusual or a colour that I didn't already have.

Surprisingly this polish was quite pigmented and also had a nice shine to it. Given that it is a cheap line it really impressed me with this and it wore well with minimal to no chipping. This is one polish that I will definitely use once summer hits us!

Now for the bad.... and I mean REALLY BAD!



 The emery board has quite a lot of texture and even though in the description it states it's for "soft, weak and fragile nails" it still worked on my strong, hard nails so it wasn't a complete disaster for The Vintage Cosmetic Company. However, the tweezers are a WHOLE OTHER STORY.

 Okay, these tweezers are terrible. I've had cheap tweezers that I have picked up for $2 that do a better job than these and when I saw that they these retail at $14.95 I had to stop myself from laughing so hard.

These tweezers have NO GRIP and are absolutely useless. USELESS. What is the point of a pair of tweezers that do not have any grip? It took 4-5 goes to even feel a tug on the hair and it didn't necessarily guarantee hair removal whereas my Revlon Diamond Grip tweezers that I picked up two years ago for a little more than the RRP of these ones pick the hair and tweeze on the first go. So either I got a pair of dud tweezers or The Vintage Cosmetic Company need to remake this product.



 There was not enough of this product to make a proper assessment as there was barely enough for one application. My tube was pretty much empty. On the plus side it smelt nice, but that's pretty much all I can say about it.



I did not notice a change in the feel of my skin, or appearance of my skin after using this product but I didn't think I would considering it was only one mask. To be honest, I felt like I wasted my time even trying this.

Overall this month's Violet Box screamed cheap and nasty. I hope they up their game and give us some thing great in October's box cos otherwise I'll be cancelling my subscription soon enough.

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