Thursday, 24 October 2013

Her Fashion Box August

When I first opened August's Her Fashion Box I was so blown away with what we received! This was the first time that I really thought that HFB was DEFINITELY a keeper and that I would subscribe to their services for the long haul!

Here's what we got:
  • 1x Fashion Scarf
  • 1x Fashion Belt
  • 1x Ardell Brow Perfection Stencils
  • 1x Ardell Brow Defining Kit (full kit)
  • 1x MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter (full size)
  • 1x L'oreal Mythic Hair Oil (travel size)
  • 1x Press & Go Press on Manicure
  • 1 x Lash Curler (extra gift) 

As an added bonus for responding to their July survey I also received a Honey & Beau pouch which was featured in the July box. It says on the little slip that I received a different print but I got the same one as the one in July which I don't mind because I LOVE this print - it goes with everything!



I'm not really a scarf person so I won't be wearing this while out and about. It's interesting to see that in the catalogue it's in black and white but the actual scarf is in colour. Not quite sure where they were going with this....definitely a fail for me.



I actually really like this belt and because it is stretchy it fits us plus size girls. Definitely one to wear over a dress or a peplum skirt/shirt/dress.



As I am a makeup artist I'm always so particular about brows so I was absolutely ECSTATIC to see this appear in the box. After attending many many workshops I find I'm quite good at free handing brows but I've never tried stencils so this was an interesting experiment for me.

The kit came with a brown palette with three colours to custom blend and a natural highlight shade, a duo brow brush and a brow grooming pencil (wax) to help keep your brows in place.

For my experiment I decided I would try using the stencils to see how easy it would be for the everyday consumer to use.

The stencils come with four different shapes: Delicate, Elegant, Glamorous and Classic.

 I actually found it quite hard to use these stencils as there was too much plastic at the bottom of the stencil and found it was hard to position on my face whilst holding it at the same time as placing the brow product on to my brows. I think with practice this would become easier. I also would have preferred for the stencils to come in maybe two designs but in different widths (ie; thin/medium/thick) as not everyone has the same brow height.

Overall I found it to be quite fiddly and it took me longer to do my brows with the stencils rather than freehand.

The other thing that I did not like was the consistency of the powders as I felt they were a little chalky and I had to load my brush up quite a few times just to get a bit of colour on the brush.

I really thought I was going to be won over with this brow kit.....BUT unfortunately it didn't sway me in its favour. I definitely prefer doing my brows freehand.
(L) No product (R) Brow Stencil



 Anyone who has seen my beauty work knows how much I LOVE highlighters and illuminators as I think they add extra dimension to the face and I just love the dewy skin look, so when I saw this I almost jumped out of my seat because I am always looking for something new to add to the kit.

UNFORTUNATELY, it was a mega let down. Once you rub this in, all that it leaves behind is glitter. No shimmer. FAIL! I can see that they tried to match this with Benefit Cosmetics' High Beam but unfortunately it falls short of achieving the same results.

All the little flecks in this image is glitter. As you can see there is no shimmer/reflect



 After using Moroccan Oil a while back I have really been turned off hair oils as I find it just builds up in my hair and then eventually causes my fine hair to just be so limp and lifeless that I gave up on using oils. I do, however, like using them on special occasions on a night out and I want my hair to look glossy but I tend to stay away from using it everyday which seems to work well for me.

Mythic Oil smells quite nice, not too overpowering, and is really thin in texture so it didn't weigh my hair down. Even though it feels nice in my hair I didn't find anything super amazing about this product so I probably wouldn't go out and buy another bottle once this one has finished. Generally I find most hair oils to be about the same and haven't found anything that wowed me yet.

I would love to know if you have found a hair oil that has worked miracles for you! Comment below.



 I have pretty strong nails and so I generally don't need to apply fakes nails/gels/acrylics so this product didn't excite me (not to mention that I'm not a HUGE fan of pink). I really would've LOVED it if they included one of the more arty looking designs in this month's box.

I opened it up just to see what sizing was like as it states that there are 12 sizes included in the packet so that you would be guaranteed to find a fit. Unfortunately, these nails were not wide enough to cover my nail beds so even if they had sent a design that I liked I wouldn't be able to use it except for on my pinky nails.

All in all I feel that August's HFB had great impact on unboxing but once I actually tried the products I wasn't actually all too happy about them. Still a great subscription box but I think they need to think bigger and better when it comes to the cosmetic lines they include in the box.

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