Wednesday, 16 January 2013 - Sephora Purchases

 When I found out that Tarazz was going to be bringing Sephora products to Australian shores I was ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC! While I was in Canada in 2010 I fell in LOVE with their stores AND their brushes but was devastated when I found out that Sephora do not ship to Australia. So as soon as they officially launched I jumped online and put in a big massive order!

One of the biggest gripes that most people had with Tarazz was the shipping cost. Now, I do agree that if you were buying only 1-2 items it definitely was not worth the $40 postage, but I got all of these items delivered to me for $56.99 P&H (which equates to $5.18 per item which is a pretty good deal if you ask me). If you're only after a couple of things I would recommend that you pool with a bunch of friends and just order together and split the postage.

I received constant updates about my order and even got an immediate refund when an item I ordered was no longer available. Overall I was pretty happy with the service from Tarazz and will definitely order from them again as getting these items at the US price is such a steal and definitely worth it!

Korres Lip Butter Collection

Make Up For Ever Black Tango Palette

Urban Decay Ocho Locco 24/7 Glide On Eye
Sephora by OPI Tinsel Town Collector's Set

Urban Decay Primer Potion Professional Size


Tweezerman Eyelash Curler

Sephora Bulls Eye Lash Applicator

Sephora Sharpener
Sephora Collection IZAK Brush Set
Sephora + Pantone Universe Luminous Brush Set
Sephora Collector's Edition Premium IT Set

I'll be doing individual reviews on each item in the next coming weeks so make sure you keep an eye out on the blog! x


  1. I absolutely love Sephora! I nearly passed out the first time I walked into their store in Hollywood. It is such a crime that we have to pay more for hair and makeup products here in Australia. While I am so glad I know this now, this knowledge could be dangerous!

    1. Hahaha yep I know that feeling!!! Fingers crossed that eventually they will start making Australian prices in line with US prices sometime soon!


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