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Her Fashion Box April 2013

Sorry I'm so behind in posting this!!! Between organizing/sponsoring the Face of Alice Be Curious Competition, my holiday overseas and everyday life, I've been struggling to find time to blog but things are now back to being manageable.

The first of my many many posts to come is the review of the second ever Her Fashion Box.

This is what subscribers received this month:
  • 1x Her Fashion Magazine
  • 1x Fashion Cuff
  • 1x Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam
  • 1x Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt
  • 1x Schick Hydro Silk Razor
  • 1x ModelCo Lip Duo (Nude Lipstick/Watermelon Gloss)
  • 1x Eyedefine Eye Pencil
Now, I just need to add a comment here about HFB's AMAZING customer service!

After reading other subscriber's comments on the HFB facebook page I realized that I didn't receive the ModelCo Lip Duo. I thought, like many other subscription boxes, that you don't receive everything on the list so I sent them a quick message and I instantly got a response from them with an apology. They then advised me that a replacement was on its way to me in the mail and it arrived the next day. Now that's what you call customer service! BIG BROWNIE POINTS FOR HFB! ^_^

As an additional Thank You to those who replied to the survey I also received a deluxe sample of Redken's All Soft Argan-6 Oil. I ADORE this product. It smells divine and makes my hair feel luxurious. Another thing I liked about it was that a little product went a long way (especially when I compare it to the Moroccan Oil). Definitely one to repurchase! 


Trendy Cuff $39.95
Ear cuffs, hair cuffs, ankle cuffs - cuffs everywhere! So it's fitting that the accessory for the April box is a wrist cuff. Once again I found myself wanting the other style accessories (LOVING the feminine one - floral lace inspired).

The Trendy jewellery piece is once again a spike studded piece (March box Trendy subscribers received a spike hair cuff and a neon/spike necklace...). The cuff is solid and is well made and I was surprised that it fit over my wrists (I'm a big girl).

While I wasn't IN LOVE with it, I didn't hate it. I think I'll see what the next box brings me in terms of accessories and then decide whether or not I switch over to a Feminine or Classic subscription.
 (Cuffs pictured on the right, top to bottom: Classic, Trendy, Feminine)


 (Self Tanning Foam 200ml $19.95 * Tanning Mitt $9.95)

 I didn't try this product as I just can't bring myself to put on fake tan. I'm actually quite dark already (being of Filipino descent, and also just returning from a week on the beach in the Philippines) so I just didn't see that there was a need to try this either. What I CAN say though it that it is the nicest smelling tanner I have come across. After working with for the FitX Competition I can say that I have smelt my fair share of fake tanning products and nothing smelt as nice as this! ^_^. If you were interested to see people's reviews of this product head on over to HFB review section to have a read.


Schick Hydro Silk Razor $10.00
 This was another miss for me. To be honest, I find the Schick/Gilette razors to be overpriced and underachieving. I find that they don't stay sharp for very long and the cartridge refills are just too pricey. As something that comes in a package it's great but I won't be going out to buy one in a hurry.


 (Eyedefine Eye Pencil BLACK01 $26.00 * Lip Duo Nude Lipstick / Watermelon Gloss $24.00)

 I didn't know what to expect of the ModelCo makeup range when I opened it but boy did it sure surprise me! The end result - good AND bad.

Here's the good: The Eyedefine Eye Pencil in BLACK01 is extremely pigmented and soft. There is nothing that I hate more than when you buy an eye pencil and no matter how hard you press the pencil won't draw. This pencil is just AMAZING! It is a true black pencil that is so nice and smooth and smudges so nicely.

Eyedefine Black01 swatch on the back of my hand (macro shot - no filter)
No filter/edit - look at how black that liner is!! Excuse my face -there's no makeup on besides the pencil ;p

AND NOW.... for the BAD:

The attached sharpener that is on the lid, while it is a good sharpener, is SOOOOO hard to clean! I sharpened the pencil after testing this out and look at the mess it left (below). I even took out the little pencil sharpener cleaner at the very tip of the lid and no luck. I also tried a cotton bud but still nothing. If anything I think it made it worse.

Macro shot - soOOOooOo much to clean with no way of being able to!
BUT - it sharpened it very nicely! ^_^

The final thing that has thrown me off repurchasing this pencil is the fact that it is made in China (Made in PRC = People's Republic of China) and retails for $26.00! To give you some idea, other brands that have products made in China such as NYX, e.l.f, LA Colours etc sell their pencils at $4-6 each.

Now I'm not saying that you need to be a makeup brand snob ( I LOVE NYX) but I think that this pencil is well overpriced for the size as well as from a manufacturing stand point. Even though this pencil was great, I know of other branded pencils that are much larger with great payoff that are cheaper and do a better job.

I really wanted to look past the fact that it was made in China but I just can't. However, if it retailed for say $10.00 I would have definitely bought this again. Who knows? I may fall in love with it the more that I use it but for that price I highly doubt it.... it's disappointing.

I have the same problem in liking this lipstick..... $24.00 for a cosmetic product made in China. Once again there were good things about this product and bad.

Watermelon Gloss Only
 Watermelon Lip Gloss - the smell/taste of this gloss is so YUMMY! I just want to eat it all - lol! The gloss is very thin and didn't really last long on my lips. It was nice but I wouldn't rush out to buy it. I used to be a HUGE fan of their lip plumping gloss but I think they've changed their recipe for it because it's not as good as it used to be (I'm talking about 10 years ago when it first launched).

Nude Lipstick
The consistency of this lipstick was very creamy and quite messy. You'll definitely need a primer under this one as it moved quite a lot. I'm a huge fan of this colour but I found myself needing to have to reapply this one constantly and that's just irritating! So it would be a pass on this product!

Nude Lipstick & Watermelon Gloss together
Adding the gloss to the already creamy lipstick is a definite NO! The lipstick moved even more with the gloss on top and it also started to look patchy and uneven.... not a fan!

I really wanted to like this, I really did, especially after HFB went to the extra trouble of resending one to me but I just couldn't.

Here's hoping that the next makeup products they send me end up being good ones! ^_^

Jolz xxx

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