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Her Fashion Box - March 2013 Launch Edition

Her Fashion Box was finally launched in March 2013.

Originally, the box was going to be $49.95/month with the first box at a special introductory rate of $24.95. They then announced that the boxes were going to be $39.95 per month instead (SCORE!!) and as the first box was so cheap I thought I'd sign up and try it out.

When you sign up for HFB you get to choose between three different styles tailored for different types. There is Feminine (TOTALLY not me), Classic or Trendy. What you receive in your monthly box depends on what style you choose. As I LOVE colour and like to keep on top of trends I naturally chose the Trendy box.

Here's what the first box contained:

Her Fashion Magazine which contains the details of all the products included in the monthly box as well as some fashion, beauty tips and special offers for subscribers.

  •  1x Exclusive Fashion Necklace
  •  Redken Diamond Oil Range (Travel Size Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment)
  •  Maybelline COLORSensation High Shine Lipgloss (Full Size in "Captivating Coral)
  •  1x Master Makeup Brush (I got the Eyeliner Brush)
  •  Moxie Sample Box 
  •  1x Circa Home Lilac & Orchid Soap (Full Size)
  •  1x Exclusive Ponytail Cuff (Extra Gift)
"TRENDY" Fashion Necklace

This is the necklace that got sent to all subscribers who get the Trendy Box. While I absolutely LOVE gold AND neon, this piece is something that I probably would never wear BUT it could come in handy for photo shoots so it's a win-win situation for me as a lot of the time when I do buy accessories it's mainly for photo shoots these days.

What I DO like about HFB is that in the magazine they also show you what the others received so after a while if I feel like the other styles more than the ones that I receive I can change my style subscription later in the future. If I were to buy one of three necklaces though I would go for the Classic one.

The magazine also gives you examples on what you can wear each piece with which I thought was rather lovely.

Redken Diamond Oil Range
This range didn't wow me at all. Now to be fair I am really fussy when it comes to hair products as I have fine, limp, dry scarce hair and at the moment I am LOVING the NAK Scalp to Hair range and have been using it for over a year now and haven't looked back. I found the formula to be a little too heavy for my hair so that's why it scored negatively for me.

I'm sure that this range would go down well with the general public though as Redken is one of those brands that I hear everyone raving about all the time but really it wasn't for me and I'm okay with that.

Maybelline COLORSensation High Shine Lipgloss in "Captivating Coral"

When I first saw this colour I was little disappointed as I didn't think it would suit me but at the same time I was pretty impressed that it was a full size product. When I had a look at the HF Magazine and saw all the alternative colours I found myself wishing that I had received either Glisten Up Pink, Luminous Latte or Mirrored Mauve.

BUT, once I opened up the gloss and put it on all my previous thoughts had vanished! Captivating Coral is just GORGEOUS and adds a little pop of colour on my face for those days that I don't feel like amping up my eyes.

Macro shot - no filter/edit
No filer/edit
The consistency of the gloss is quite creamy and not sticky and is nicely pigmented. There is little to no aroma or flavour in this gloss which is what I like as sometimes I can find it too overpowering in some lipglosses/balms. This was definitely the winning product in the whole box for me and something I will definitely repurchase!

Master Makeup - Eyeliner Brush

As a working makeup artist I can NEVER have too many makeup brushes and when I saw this I actually squealed with delight. I'm always on the lookout for great brushes ESPECIALLY eyeliner brushes.

When I opened it though I was a bit confused to see that it was actually more of a "pencil" brush (ie - MAC 219 brush) rather than an eyeliner brush (ie-MAC 209 or any synthetic fine liner brush).

When you compare the brush in real life to the brush pictured in the brochure they look like two different brushes. The one that I received in the box wasn't very pointed at all and was actually quite thick and stubby and pencil brushes usually have a fine tip for precision application.

Macro shot of brush
What I will give this brush points for is the fact that the hair is super soft, it blends eyeshadow really well and it is quite dense. If only it was a little more pointed I would've definitely gone on line and bought more of this brush range. It's worth checking out but I prefer buying brushes that I can hold and look at before purchasing so I can see what it is that I am actually paying for.

Moxie Sanitary Products

Well.... there's not much to say about this one. They're sanitary products. There's nothing super special about these besides the fact that they have cute packaging and that's about it - LOL.

Circa Home - Lilac & Orchid Soap
This divine smelling soap has a BEAUTIFUL aroma but due to allergies I can only use sorbolene soap on my body. I used this for my hands though and the fragrance lingers once you have washed your hands.

If you don't have allergies to fragranced soap I would wholeheartedly recommend this soap for you!

BONUS - Exclusive Ponytail Cuff

As a Thank You for being one of the first people to subscribe to HFB they also included an exclusive ponytail cuff. This is the one that was sent to those who have the Trendy Box. I absolutely LOVE THIS and will definitely be wearing this one around town!

Here is what everyone else got:

L-R Classic, Feminine & Trendy

Overall Impressions

As a former Lust Have It, Glossybox and Bellabox subscriber I can definitely say that HFB beats them all and has definitely made quite an impression on me and I am looking forward to seeing what the April Box will contain.

Even though I opted for the Trendy Box, as I LOVE bright coloured cosmetics, I think that I prefer the Classic accessories. If there was one thing that I would hope they could change in the future it would be that they give you different options for makeup and accessories (for example Trendy makeup with Classic accessories) but I understand that this would be a nightmare for packaging boxes at HFB headquarters so I won't be holding my breath for that to happen.

The April Box should be landing soon so make sure to keep an eye out for the next blog/review of HFB.

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