Thursday, 30 May 2013

Deborah Lippmann - Across the Universe

 Following on from my "Dancing in the Dark" post comes my next nail polish review of "Across the Universe" (another Deborah Lippmann polish).

Macroshot - no filter/edit
 Now I gotta tell you, I'm so obsessed with these glitter polishes - they're just so divine! One day I will figure out how to capture glitter polishes in photos so that it a true representation of what it actually looks like in real life.

As I suspected, this polish is only good on top of a base coat colour as the polish is more like a jelly polish/topcoat as shown below.

One coat - no base.
Two coats - no base.
 Two coats of polish isn't too bad but it still wasn't as vibrant as I wanted it to be. So, I went to my trusty polish collection and pulled out OPI's "Just Spotted the Lizard" from the Amazing Spiderman Collection.

Macro shot - no filter/edit
 Just Spotted the Lizard is a multichrome colour that reminds me of a peacock feather within the bottle, but once it is on it's more green and gold with not so much visible blue. In hindsight I would've picked a darker colour, or even a plain deep blue for the base colour like Power Dressing by Ciate.
Macro shot - no filter/edit.

 Now that I had the base coat on it was time to layer on "Across the Universe". Even with a base coat, I still needed quite a lot of layers for the glitter to look dense enough but I did love the end result! It's still a win for me even though there is a total of five layers of polish (excluding top coat ;p).

Three layers of glitter polish
 Even in the macro shots the glitter looks quite black but in reality it's more of a vibrant blue. This last shot (even though I have boosted the contrast) is more what it looks like in real life. This is definitely one to add to your collection if you LOVE glitter as much as I do! x

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