Sunday, 21 October 2012

OPI "The Man with the Golden Gun"

OPI " The Man with the Golden Gun"

I have been waiting for this nail polish to come out in Australia for quite some time now and when I saw it on the shelves at David Jones I bought it with no hesitation.

The packaging, for one, totally sucked me in. The gold bottle looks so indulgent as well as the cardboard case that it comes in. I couldn't wait to get this polish on my nails! ^_^

OPI - "The Man with the Golden Gun" $39.95AUD RRP

I had previously painted my nails last week with "OPI Ink" from the Night Brights range so thought I would just jazz that up for the coming work week by applying this new addition to my nail polish collection.

"OPI Ink"
Here is what it looks like with one coat:

Macro shot of one coat on top of OPI Ink

I was surprised at how small the flecks were. I think I was expecting something a lot larger considering the preview shots that OPI put up on their facebook page (link: but I am guessing there may be about 3-4 coats in their image. So after this meager layer of gold I decided to put another coat on and was much happier with the coverage. The far away picture doesn't do the polish any justice but it is amazing!

Two layers of "The Man with the Golden Gun"

I do love the fact that this differs in appearance to a typical glitter/foil polish but a bit upset at how small the flecks are. I feel that the OPI previews are a little misleading as two coats (average amount of layers that I use when doing my nails) don't look anywhere near as big as the Official OPI pictures.

It is very quick to dry and has a nice sheen to it. There are no rough edges sticking out of the polish (unlike some glitter polish) and there is no need for a top coat.

In terms of pricing, it costs twice as much per ml of polish compared to their regular lines ($2.66/ml vs $1.33/ml) but I think it is well worth it for someone who likes to collect polishes like I do and for those who like to add texture to their nails.

I absolutely love this polish and although it is quite pricey I'll probably buy another one before they stop production and sell out!

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