Saturday, 3 November 2012

OPI - Bond...James Bond

Following on from my "Man with the Golden Gun" OPI purchase, I also bought "Bond...James Bond" magnetic nail polish. It's a cute metallic polish that comes with a criss cross pattern magnetizer.

OPI - "Bond...James Bond".
This is the contents of the packet.

The instructions read:

"Apply two coats on one finger. Place finger onto the bottom of the magnetizer with the magnet positioned over the nail. Press the top side down until the edge touches the finger below the cuticle. Be careful not to touch the nail with the magnet. Press and hold in place for 5-6 seconds. Release and pull it away, revealing the design. Continue, doing one finger at a time. Allow your nails to dry completely; finish with top coat."
At first glance, I though the concept and structure of the magnetizer was quite ingenious but I found that the pattern just wasn't coming when used as instructed so I ended up holding the magnet and positioning my finger as close as possible under the magnet. The results were pretty cool (below).

Freshly magnetized.
I was pretty happy with the effect and waited for the polish to dry. However, once I applied the top coat, I felt as if the pattern melted away with every swipe of top coat I applied which was very disappointing.
Painted with top coat.
Overall, it's pretty cute and kitschy but I'm not really happy with how it looks from far away as it looks quite messy.

The reason I bought this one was more so for the colour rather than the magnetizer as it looks like a cool based gold (I can't think of a name for it but those are the only words I can think of to describe the colour). I wouldn't recommend this if you were wanting nails that match the advertising/pictures on the boxes but the colours of the polish are quite nice and, as with all OPI polish, it goes on quite well and lasts a long time.

"Bond...James Bond" is sold at selected David Jones stores for $24.95RRP (magnet is not sold separately). There are two other colours available, "Is That Silva" (grey with silver specks; diagonal magnet design) and "Morning, Money Penny" (rose pink with silver specks; striped magnet design)


  1. Oo I've heard of this and I've been dying to try it! Looks really amazing on you~

    1. Thanks Jiawa! I just wish the pattern was more defined though.

      Hope you're enjoying your trip! :)


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