Friday, 23 August 2013

Ardell Magic Lash - Growth Enhancer

Ardell Magic Lash Growth Enhancer makes some pretty big promises.

This is what they claim that this product will do:
  1. Stimulate new growth
  2. Repair weak thinning lashes
  3. Help prevent lash loss
  4. Give lashes a healthier, fuller appearance
Sounds good to me but does this product deliver on all its claims? Read on to find out more, but first let's have a look at the packaging!

The Magic Lash comes in a pen form which you twist at the bottom in order for the serum to make its way to the brush applicator. When you first use the pen you will need to twist it for quite some time before the product will come out.

 Once you can see the serum on the pen tip, brush a thin layer of the Magic Lash Growth Enhancer to the base of your eyelashes then run the excess serum to the end of your lashes. You don't need to rub it in or anything, you just leave it to dry as is. Also be SUPER careful not to get any in your eyes because that STINGS! Trust me, I did it a few times!

 On one hand, this applicator is handy, but I found I was getting this in my eyes more often than not. I think if they had made the applicator more like a mascara/gloss wand it would've been a lot easier to apply.

I applied this serum religiously EVERY NIGHT for five weeks and I feel like there is definitely a difference in my lower lash line and the outer corner lashes, but I feel that it doesn't show much in the images (apologies for the lack of eyebrow grooming in the after photos. It just goes to show how important brow makeup/grooming is but that's a whole other blog entry! lol).



 Overall, I'm pretty happy with how my lashes look in real life, especially the lower eye lashes as they look a LOT longer to me and I will most likely be purchasing this to see if a second run of this will make my lashes even longer.

I'm not sure if this delivered on most of the claims that it states on the box, but I do definitely think that my lashes look fuller and healthier than before.

I think individual results with this product will vary and even if you are skeptical it's worth a try, as if you're not satisfied you can return this to the store you purchased it from and get a refund. If you don't believe me, it's written on the box, but just remember to keep your receipt.

If you have tried this product, or one similar, let me know in the comment section. I would love to know how you went and your experience with it! x

You can purchase this item at selected Priceline stores for $21.99 RRP.

***DISCLAIMER*** This item was sent to me for review by the Her Fashion Box Team but the views and opinions listed in this review are my honest opinion and is not swayed by any third party.

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