Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Her Fashion Box July

This month's box contained the following:
  • 1x Beanie ($29.95 value)
  • 1x Necklace ($19.95 value)
  • 1x Honey & Beau Makeup Essentials Bag ($14.95 RRP)
  • 1x Maybelline BB Cream Full Size ($15.95 RRP)
  • 1x Pureology Precious Oil Shamp' Oil (sample)
  • 1x Pureology Precious Oil Condition (sample)
  • 1x Precious Oil Versatile Caring Oil (sample)
  • 1x Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Perfume (sample)
  • 1x Discount Voucher for Harvest Box


 I'm usually not a hat person so when I saw this in the box I was initially disappointed BUT when I put it on I totally changed my mind. The beanie was big enough to fit my head in (usually hats are always super super tight - suspiciously mine isn't as loose as the one pictured on the model in the Her Fashion Magazine lol), it is super super soft and fluffy like a new wolly jumper/cardigan and the colour of the beanie is pretty too. I'll be rocking this beanie for the rest of the winter and in Canberra that can go on for ages!


MEGA FAIL! I love the design of this necklace and essentially I WOULD wear it but my necklace was really poorly made, my tassels do not fall or look anywhere near as compact as the one in the magazine AND it had rust on it. This isn't the first time I've had a faulty piece from them so here's hoping they start perfecting their pieces before they send them out.

Just one of the many rust marks on the necklace


One word - LOVE. I always need something super small to take the essentials with me on a night out and this is perfect. It's not too bulky and it's big enough to fit all the important things like my phone, id, keys and lipgloss. This piece is really well made and the print is really versatile and goes with pretty much everything (well I mean how can you go wrong with black and white?) and at $14.95 each I think I'll buy the whole collection!


 I really wish that these companies would just stop trying to replicate BB creams that just do not compare with the original Korean creams. This is basically a tinted moisturiser. The coverage doesn't even come close to the Skin 79 Hot Pink Super Plus BB Cream and the colour wasn't a good match either (I was given the Medium). I found that it made me look ashy and it also made me break out in pimples (much like the Garnier BB cream). I also think that in a country like Australia it's pretty poor to only have two shades of a product, being light and medium. We are so culturally diverse that I find it offensive but I'll save that argument for another day! Definitely PASS on this one


Pureology Precious Oil Range, for lack of a better word,  is AMAZEBALLS!!! Let me start off with the smell - it is so delicious! The scent reminds me of the Cocoa Butter from the Body Shop not to mention it makes my hair so shiny and soft. LOVE IT!

The Shamp'Oil and Oil Condition are 100% vegan and is Green Seal Certified. The Green Seal is given to products that meet certain criteria to ensure that there is minimal to no environmental impact so not only are you doing your hair some good, you're also minimising your carbon foot print.

I'm 100% converted to this new line and never would've discovered it without Her Fashion Box. I will DEFINITELY be buying this once I run out.


This perfume is YUMMY! Flowerbomb is a floral/oriental with a powerful punch. It's definitely one to wear as your signature scent, especially during winter. This is the perfume that just lingers and wafts as you walk past people and I guarantee that everyone will be asking you what perfume you're wearing. It's as if Hugo Deep Red, Red XS and Vera Wang Rock Princess had a baby and Flowerbomb was it. I LOVE this and will definitely be buying this one on my next perfume expedition. However, it's a bit pricey ($205.00 for 100ml) so be prepared to splurge.


These files are ideal for you to carry in your bag for those unexpected times when your nail breaks. The grain on this is really fine so it leaves your nail edges quite smooth. It's a cute gift :)

Her Fashion Box for July was more about the accessories for me than it was about the beauty aspect which is a first for me. I have just changed over to the Classic box so here's hoping I like their monthly boxes even more and I really do hope that they do more quality control on their accessories too! x

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