Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Erin Bigg Cosmetics - Liquid Lustre in Pink Champagne

I have been following Erin Bigg's makeup work for some time now. I can't recall how I stumbled across her facebook page but I knew she was someone to look out for as I found her work to be so inspiring to me as an artist. I was constantly on her facebook page looking at updates of her work and what she was up to.

Then, late in 2012 she announced that she was going to launch her own cosmetics label. I "liked" Erin Bigg Cosmetics facebook page and signed up to her mailing list (cos that's how much of a fan I am of her).

A couple of weeks later Erin contacted me. I still remember that day. I'd just gotten home from the Hitched Magazine shoot in VIC (it was a LONG drive) and I was feeling tired and weary. I logged on to facebook as I didn't have access to the internet for THREE DAYS (which felt like the end of the world) and the first message to greet me was one from Erin. She had told me that she was doing a giveaway for the very first person to sign up to her mailing list and that I was that lucky person!

I was SO excited - I never win anything!! Suddenly I didn't feel so tired anymore, it's amazing how makeup can brighten up my mood.

So I patiently waited until the box arrived yesterday and boy was I not disappointed! I opened the box and was greeted by a lovely letter personally written and signed by Erin:

The packaging and presentation was really well done and you could tell that EBC (Erin Bigg Cosmetics) is a company that has pride in their products and brand by the way they wrap their products!

EBC gift bag and business card
EBC gift envelope

The lipgloss nicely wrapped up
When I saw the lipgloss I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it. Erin couldn't have chosen a more perfect colour for me if she tried. This is a colour that I love to wear and it is super glossy and shiny, reminds me of JLo lips! ^_^

EB Cosmetics - Liquid Lustre in Pink Champagne
(Image used with permission from Erin Bigg Cosmetics)

Macro shot of the lip gloss (no filter/editing)
So of course, even though I had just gotten home from the gym, I knew I had to try it on and swatch it and let me tell you it felt DIVINE! Prior to this I had been suffering from an allergic reaction to Blistex and my lips were recovering. I couldn't stand to put anything on my own lips for days but as soon as I put this gloss on it felt like heaven! My lips felt smooth, moisturised and the gloss wasn't tacky or super sickly sweet, nor were there chunks of glitter (which I can't STAND in lip glosses). It is PERFECT!

Macro shot of swatch on hand (no filter/edit)

I felt like my lips looked juicy and full (a la Angelina Jolie) and nothing makes me feel more sexier than that! ;p

You must try this gloss, you will not regret it!

You can buy Erin Bigg Cosmetics online from or online and instore from Makeup & Glow:

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