Thursday, 29 November 2012

Ciate Velvet Manicure in Berry Poncho

After reading/hearing all the hype about the Ciaté nail polishes I thought I would buy some and give it a try. I had already tried the pearl/caviar type nail art and wasn't a fan of it so I thought I would try the Velvet Manicure range.

Instruction Booklet
**According to the instructions there is supposed to be a tray supplied to catch fallout but mine was missing. So, I just used the tray that the polish and velvet were attached to. It came in handy as there is a dip in the tray that helped guide the excess velvet back into the container.

Contents of Box
I was quite impressed with the Ciaté Nail polish. The formula is so pigmented and goes on really nice and smooth. It also dried quite quickly.

First Coat of Polish

Once you have let the first coat dry, you then need to apply a second coat of polish then immediately apply the velvet on top doing one nail at a time.

I recommend liberally applying the velvet to ensure that you get a nice coat of it to make the manicure look nice and full.

I also found that the velvet came out a lot nicer if you just tapped your finger on the bottom of the container rather than shaking it like a salt and pepper shaker.

This is what I mean by LIBERALLY! ;p

Then once you have laid a layer of velvet on the nail, I pressed down on it to try and compact it even more on the nail and then using the little black brush provided you sweep away the excess and let it fall into the tray.

The excess velvet after doing one hand

Once you have let it dry for 10-15 minutes the manicure is complete!

Completed Velvet Manicure (this photo has not been photoshopped - besides the addition of my watermark)

I absolutely love the look of this manicure but it is definitely only for special occasions as the velvet doesn't stay fluffy after coming in to contact with water, which is a bit of a let down but totally expected.

Once the velvet comes in contact with water, it's almost like it absorbs the water and then shrinks/disintegrates. On some of my nails the velvet has gone completely within one day.

The next day, same nail as above (also not photoshopped)

However, I am a massive fan of their polish formula. As I said previously, the pigment and consistency is just dreamy and it dries so quickly!

I was strictly just an OPI and China Glaze nail polish user, but now I can confidently add Ciaté to my trusted products/favourites list but maybe just not the Velvet Manicure editions!

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