Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday Motivational is BACK!

For those of you who have followed me for a while on facebook may remember that back in the day I used to do #motivationalmondays or #midweekmotivation or #inspiration and I figure it's time to bring it back!

Every time I post one of these I'm talking to myself as well and I think that if at least ONE of you can benefit or feel better from these words then it's worth it.

This week I'm kicking it off with a topic that comes up all the time in the chats that I have with other creatives; COMPETITION. No, I'm not talking about a competition where you win a prize. I'm talking about competing and comparing yourself and your art to other people's art/work.

The makeup/photographic world is a highly competitive industry to be in. Whenever you see other people's work that blows your mind you are usually inspired and in awe, but then there are also times that you find yourself comparing yourself to them and their work. As an artist you invest so much of yourself into your work that you feel the pressure. That's when the negativity kicks in (usually in my case) and you'll find yourself saying things like:

"I'll never be that good"
"I wish I was that talented"
"My work sucks compared to theirs!"

Firstly, stop breathing negativity into your life. It will only start you on a downward spiral of negativity, and in some cases, you may find it hard to get back out of.

Secondly, appreciate their work for what it is but don't compare your "journey" (I despise that word as it's overused in reality tv but I can't think of a better word) with someone else's.

The only person you should be competing with is yourself. Have a look at where you started and where you are now.

When I start to feel that I am losing my makeup mojo I pull up photos of my work from when I was in school, then I go through my first folio images, then fast forward to where I am now and I can see my progress.

I still have a long way to go and have now made more goals to reach and set out a path for what I need to do to get there, but I have learned that in order to be happier I need to stop comparing myself to those in the industry and focus on myself.

Have you struggled with comparing yourself to others? Let me know in the comments how you've overcome this and what you do to stop the negativity.

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