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IrresistibleMe Hair Extensions

***Disclaimer*** This product was sent to me for the purpose of reviewing, however, this does not alter my opinion or views on the product.
The lovely Adriana from Irresistible Me Hair Extensions got in touch with me in September to send me a package to review, and of course I couldn't resist!

Irresistible Me Hair extensions are made from Remy Hair. If you don't know much about Remy Hair, it is considered to be the finest quality of human hair as the hair is collected from the donor's head and preserved to ensure all the cuticles are healthy, living, and facing in the natural growing direction and is only lightly processed.

Adriana asked me to choose the length and colour of my package and when I went to look at the site I was totally overwhelmed, there were just so many choices!! Luckily they have a few tools to help you out with this.

 Firstly I needed to sort out what length extensions I wanted. I didn't want them too long as I mainly wanted them for volume. I ended up choosing the 20" extensions based on this chart that they sent me (

The next step was to select the colour. Irresistible Me have a very handy video (below) that shows you the colours side by side and I opted for Royal Chocolate Brown. As my hair colour varies in different lighting, and as it fades to a lighter shade in Summer, I felt like Royal Chocolate Brown would work best for me.

Once I sent Adriana my selections it took about three weeks for the package to arrive. PS - how cute is that illustration on the inside?!

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the package was that it was split into two sections. The small section is packaged separately in order for you to colour match and check the length without ruining the integrity of the full set of extensions, in case you want to exchange or return them. The section that contains the set of extensions contains a seal and once that has been broken you are no longer able to return/exchange the item.

 Exchanges and returns are free for US customers and unfortunately international customers will have to pay the shipping fees of their exchange or return.

When I opened the packet I was astounded and how much hair there was in the set and without a doubt is the biggest set I have ever seen. The package contained a total of nine pieces/wefts and they were quite heavy.

On first inspection I was super happy with the colour, but the more I looked at them, the lighter they looked than what was shown on the video and on the website. The colour I received looked more like Royal Medium Brown than Royal Chocolate Brown. If I had paid for these I would've most likely returned them for a different colour but on the plus side they're Remy hair so I can just dye them to match so I wasn't too concerned.

Next task was to try them on. Seriously, I wish this was how my hair was in real life. When I was younger my hair was this thick and full, but as I've gotten older and my health has gone downhill my hair is so fine and wiry, it's kinda depressing - lol!
Hair Extensions (Without Flash)
The extensions are really easy to apply and the clips are super strong and durable. I didn't feel like they were going to fall out at all and they felt super secure. The hair didn't tangle as much as I imagined it would and they are super manageable with just a light brush through. Once they're 'lived in' a little more I think they will look much more natural and closer to my hair texture.
Before and After (With Flash)
As you can see from the before and after photo, the colour selection of the extensions are way off with a flash but in real life the colours do blend a lot better, as seen in the previous picture. What I love most about this product is the amount of volume it gives to my hair and the extra ounce of confidence it gives me.

Prices start from $79USD with every new customer receiving 20% off their first order. They also offer free international shipping on orders over $150USD. Irresistible Me stock clip in extensions, full lace wigs, hair tools, hair care and accessories.

Check them out over at:

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