Monday, 7 April 2014


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 The next set of the LA Girl DIY Nail Kits to be reviewed is the 'Mod' set which contains four polishes, nail art brush, manicure stickers and instructions just as the 'Fabulous' kit does.

Again, these polishes do not have individual names.
I was hoping that this set came with a better brush but unfortunately it was just as bad. The ferrule also came apart from the handle and even after gluing it on it didn't stay on (le sad face).

 'Mod' comes with three creme polishes and one glitter. All the polishes are nicely pigmented and go on easily. None of them were streaky like the 'Fabulous' set. The glitter polish layered really nicely as it also had different sized glitter within it.

 It's great to have more creme finishes to add to my collection and I love the fact that each set comes with at least one set of glitter.

This is design I came up with when I saw the set - I love me some bling! Again, this set is definitely worth it for $4.00. If you have this set, let me know what you think and show me your nail art! x

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