Thursday, 18 July 2013

Violet Box June

The Violet Box launch saw a few hiccups with a few people not receiving theirs in time (me included).

They sent my package with no tracking and after not receiving it after a week they sent me another box through Australia Post (registered).

The first package reached me a week and a half after they had originally sent it. The lovely DHL postman decided that they could just leave my package outside on top of my letterbox. I was FURIOUS as I live in an apartment complex on a busy road. Luckily no one had taken the package but I did let Violet Box know about what happened. They replied straight away, agreed with me and informed me that they will now be posting all boxes through Australia Post so this should never happen again (here's hoping). Funnily enough, the next day my second package arrived so I got double the goodies - yay me!

Here's what the first box contained:
  • Avene Gentle Gel Cleanser (Sample)
  • CK One Color Cosmetics, Gloss Eyecolor (Full Size)
  • Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty (Sample)
  • John Plunkett Glyco Peel (Full Size)
  • Lash control Clear Coat Control Mascara and Brow Fix (Full Size)
  • Argania Hair Oil Travel Cuties (Sample)


Sample size picture here (200ml $23.95RRP)
  This gel cleanser left my skin feeling nice, clean and soft but I did have trouble removing my makeup with it even after two washes. It was nice enough but nothing can sway me from Dermalogica now (regular readers will know this as I am always comparing all skin care to Dermalogica - lol). For those that don't like to spend too much on skin care I would definitely recommend the Avene range which I have tried before from the other sample boxes that I used to subscribe to.


CK One Gloss Eyecolor, RRP $25.00AUD
I have been wanting to try the CK One Cosmetics range for a while but since there is no counter here in my home town I have never gotten the chance. My excitement wore off however when I read that it was a glossy eyeshadow.

Macro shot on the back of my hand

 Glossy eyes tend to crease and I think that irritates the perfectionist in me (well when it comes to eye makeup) BUT these pencils do what they're meant to do so I can't give them bad points for that.

This pencil is highly pigmented, easy to apply and the colour is divine. If this was an eye pencil with a drier consistency I would be in heaven but unfortunately for me it's not. I'm sure this could be set with eyeshadow on top to stop the creasing but then it would lose the glossy effect.

Creasing: after 10 mins of wear. No foundation, only eyeshadow primer underneath.
 Not a total failure but this product is definitely just not for me but it has intrigued me enough to want to look at the rest of the CK One range.


There is nothing that I love more than receiving perfume samples in the subscription boxes! My skin is one of those tricky ones that seems to change all floral/fruity scents into weird chemical smells and I only seem to blend well with spicey/oriental fragrances.

Sample pictured: 50ml $80.00AUD RRP; 100ml $120.00AUD RRP
Sheer Beauty is a floral scent (although I would argue that it's floral/oriental) that definitely lives up to its name. The fragrance lingers and isn't punchy yet it's still strong. I think I'll test this one a little longer and see how I go. So far its starting to become a favourite of mine! 


Full size pictured: 15ml $28.95AUD RRP
As I have sensitive skin I did not try this. Even though the packaging says it is suitable for all skin types, the fact that it says only leave on for ONE MINUTE for sensitive skin rings alarm bells for me. I've had my skin burn once after an allergic reaction to makeup and I don't fancy going through that again. That was HORRIBLE. I'll let you know if I ever gather up the courage to try it.



The concept of this product intrigued me. In order to control how much product remains on the wand you squeeze the middle section as you pull out the wand.

Full size $25.00AUD RRP
At first I was a bit skeptical but sure enough it worked!

No squeezing of the middle
Squeezed tightly
It's a pretty cool concept and one that I think that some companies should invest in (although I think it has been trademarked to Lash Control).

As a clear mascara this product works well but I wouldn't recommend it for brows as it didn't really hold any hairs in place. It's cute and kitschy but I don't know how well they will sell and if people will swap to their brand. Personally, I wouldn't spend $25.00 on clear mascara.


Sample size pictured: 100ml $34.99AUD RRP
The top three ingredients in this product are all silicones which for me (someone with thin/fine hair) is not something that will work for me as I find after about a week or so my hair just becomes flat full of product build up.

That aside, I think that this product is a little better than Moroccan Oil that hit our shores years ago as Argania contains more natural oils than the latter (the fourth listed ingredient in Moroccan Oil is a synthetic fragrance butylphenyl methylpropional) and is a little cheaper (Argania: $0.349/ml Moroccan Oil: $0.45/ml).

I think this is one that you will have try for yourself and see if it works well on your own hair.

Overall, not a bad effort Violet Box ! I'm looking forward to seeing what we get in the next box!

Subscription costs $22.95 per month.

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