Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Beauty Luscious & Co. and Some Selfies ;p

One of my long time supporters on my Facebook page, Suzanne contacted me a while ago and said that she wanted to send me some samples of her makeup range (Luscious Cosmetics) to try out and of course I said YES (I mean who can say no to free makeup - lol)!

She sent me some samples of lipstick, illuminator and some foundation. As I have pretty sensitive skin I decided to leave the foundation trial for another time as I have to attend and judge the Face of Alice Be Curious Competition this week and there will be plenty of photos so I wanted to play it safe.


  This lipstick really surprised me. I've worn my fair share of lipsticks and I always find that they dry my lips out, even if the product claims to be moisturising. This is where Luscious Cosmetics differs.

Swatch on the back of my hand (macro - no filter).

This lipstick just feels so luxurious on your lips and has a lovely shine. Even though this lipstick is sheer, it still has quite a lot of pigment on it and it was super easy to get an immaculate lip line (I didn't use a lip liner for this application).

The only thing I would say that detracts from this product is that it does move a lot on the lips and I could imagine having to reapply this all the time. However, if you are a regular lipgloss wearer you may not find this too annoying to reapply during the day.

Practicing my vacant stare! ;p
This is also a safe option for those of you who want to wear red lipstick but aren't confident enough yet to wear such a loud and bold colour. I definitely felt comfortable wearing this in public and it didn't feel like I was wearing a lipstick at all.

I would recommend this for people who suffer from dry skin on their lips and also for those who just want to wear a sheer wash of colour on your lips rather than a full coverage lipstick.

Beauty Luscious & Co Moisturising Lipstick comes in 25 colours and retails for $30.00AUD.

***I just had to add this pic of myself. Sometimes I make myself laugh with some of the faces I pull trying to get selfies to show off products! hehe ***


Luscious Sheer Glow comes in two different shades, Movie Star (iridescent pearl glow) and Paradise (bronze glow).

For those of you who have seen my work, you know how much I LOVE using illuminators and highlighters on the skin. I think it's because of my obsession with JLo's shine in all her photo shoots and Scott Barnes' work.

This illuminator has an amazing shine, however, I would recommend to use it mixed in with your foundation only, as I found the texture of this to be too runny to be used just as a cheek highlighter. It does give off a nice sheen though (as shown below).

No edit/filter

Beauty Luscious & Co Luscious Sheer Glow retails for $45.00AUD.

***DISCLAIMER*** These products were sent to me for review, however, this does not sway or change my thoughts on these products.

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