Monday, 24 December 2012

Day Twenty Four: Enchanted Rose

Enchanted Rose is the last of the exclusive polishes within this calendar, and just as the other two exclusives, it is a glitter top coat. I am actually quite disappointed with the exclusive colours as it doesn't take much to make a glitter top coat like these ones and to me it felt like this was a last minute idea. They could've put holographic glitter, or even made it a glitter colour polish rather than a top coat.

Anyways, end of rant and back to the polish itself.

Enchanted Rose is a nice red glitter top coat that reminds me of all things Christmas, which of course suits today as it is Christmas Eve. There isn't anything about this that enthralls or excites me but on top of yesterday's Mojito it looks quite festive.

Unfortunately, this is another one that I won't be buying once it runs out. What do you think of the three exclusive colours?

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