Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Day Four: Caviar Pearl - Prom Queen

When I opened door number four I squealed with excitement! I just absolutely ADORED the colours in of this caviar pearl nail art. I had previously tried a cheaper version of this nail art that I had bought on Ebay and thought this may fair better but unfortunately I was wrong (but we'll get to that later).

The way to apply this nail art (as per instructions) is to apply one coat of polish then once that is dry apply a second coat and immediately sprinkle the nail caviar on to the nail doing one finger at a time. Then, once you have let it dry 15-20 minutes apply a thin layer of top coat to the tips of your nails only.

Excess pearls after completing the nail art

I followed the instructions word for word and my nail looked amazing for about two hours after they had dried but then eventually about 80% of it fell off (pic below) and I didn't even do anything with my hands for it to come off so quickly. All I was doing was surfing the net and watching some tv.

I was pretty disappointed in this but I did like the effect it left on my nails.

Two hours after drying
I think next time I might try and set the beads into a top coat rather than just a nail polish colour and see whether I fair better. It's a nice concept but it just didn't last long enough.

Hopefully I can find a solution to making this last longer!

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